Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

 Mercedes AVTR

Hello Everyone, This is one of the most bizarre automobiles ever created. There is just one of these in the entire universe. I'll write to clarify that this high-tech vehicle is known as the Mercedes AVTR.

Mercedes Benz AVTR

I'm quite enthusiastic. This is the kind of car that raises your eyebrows when you get a call. Mercedes dialed my number. This car is essentially a titanic battle between the Avatar crew and Mercedes. The acronym AVTR refers to Avatar as well as advanced vehicle transition.

Everything here is entirely lighted up at first; it's shining right now, but when you charge it, everything starts to go inwards. It also functions as a turn signal, so all you have to do to turn is click the button to change the color; your indicator will appear.

As a result, this was also inspired by the film Avatar. It's made from a tree of soul seeds, and I'll be damned if it doesn't look just like a tree of soul seeds. They also don't look like regular wheels; instead, they're spheres. Each of these wheels has a 30-degree turning radius and may drive independently. As a result, you can drive in a variety of various ways. This vehicle is capable of driving sideways. It is capable of driving diagonally. The Mercedes-Benz insignia is prominently displayed on the front.

The backside feature of this car is 33 flaps. Mercedes calls these bionic flaps, and what they do is they move. Suppose they've all turned red. When you break, it turns red and they all move, but then when you accelerate, they turn blue. Actually, even when you're driving, these things will turn with you in different directions and it makes such a satisfying sound.

Because this feature makes the car appear to be alive, Mercedes calls these bionic flaps bionic flaps. Bionic originates from the Greek root word life, and bionic is an artificial bodily part. This transforms the car into a creature that is no longer just a vehicle. Have these subtle lights, and the faster they flash, the harder you'll be pushed, as well as this magnificent tail light that runs the length of your back and, of course, vision AVTR.

Mercedes Benz AVTR

Okay, now it's time to go over the interior features of this vehicle. However, there is a hidden button. A tiny fingerprint scanner bug with transparent wings. That's roughly how it appears. It even has that curved appearance. There is no steering wheel that resembles a spaceship. Let's break it down step by step. First and foremost, these seats are made of vegan leather. Mercedes has successfully mixed elegance and sustainability.

Alex Dang

He is a Mercedes-Benz designer, and he was the one who created the lines for the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR. What would you like to win in an internal competition where everyone can present their vision of the car? And, right from the start, we were all seated together, watching the movie as if we were at a cinema. He made some scribbles while watching the movie and was thinking of how he could incorporate some of the shapes from the movie into the car.

It's a lengthy procedure. It's a competition internally, but it's more of a collective effort in the end. Because you generate ideas and others generate ideas, the designs improve.

How long did it take you to draw the design and get it ready?

Two years have passed. It comes effortlessly at times and is a struggle for others, but you have to cope with it and trust the process in certain ways. Because, in the end, it will produce something interesting. And I believe that creativity is about stepping outside of your comfort zone, which isn't always pleasant, but it may lead to the creation of something new, something amazing, by precisely pushing the boundaries.

The most difficult aspect of this car's design

To bring the best of both worlds into our reality, such as the science fiction Avatar world. And still, make it look like a Mercedes-Benz. The fundamental concept is to adjust the surfaces in order to change the aerodynamics in the desired or required manner. The second consideration is communication. You are in the driver's seat of the car. You can show your intentions to the outer world for the first time.

Whether you're speeding up, slowing down, or turning. As a result, everything will be visible from the outside via the omnidirectional flaps. The third is that it is like a living object because it is artificial intelligence. It also has emotions that can be communicated to the outside world via cinematic techniques.

Finally, "Oh, this is all a dream," I'll finally say.

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