Introducing the next generation of technologies Incredible headphones with a hybrid design


 The issue of the cleanliness and safety of the air we breathe has become more pressing than ever in recent years. As COVID-19 remains a serious danger, developers who previously focused solely on filtering pollution and allergies now include virus protection in their gadgets.

As a result, it's no surprise that the world's most known vacuum cleaner company has developed a new product.

Next generation hybrid headphones

Dyson Zone

These are noise-canceling headphones that also filter the air, and they aren't the company's first new product in recent years. Fans and hair dryers were previously introduced to the market and rapidly became popular.

Will headphones follow in their footsteps?

The effectiveness of air cleansing should never be questioned. It will undoubtedly be top-notch, given Dyson's skill in contaminant filtration. Furthermore, the firm claims to have spent six years developing the product, during which time 500 prototypes were made.

The first ones resembled headphones and a mouthpiece with a purifying backpack, but eventually, one cleaning unit was split into two compressors and two filters, one in each ear, and the air tube evolved into a non-contact visor that allows clean air to enter the mouth and nose without making contact with the face.

So, how does it function? Two headphone compressors are included in each headset. Two streams of filtered air are directed towards the wearer's nose and mouth through dual-layer filters. The visor's unique shape keeps the purified airflow near to the nose and mouth, allowing outside air to be diluted to a minimum.

When you want to converse or drink water, you can pull back the visor. Dyson further claims that the headphones' superior active noise cancellation, low distortion, and natural frequency response will deliver rich, immersive sound while suppressing undesirable urban noise.

Experts who have previously tested them say the sound is of very good quality, and the design is both comfy and lightweight.

Because experienced testers were not allowed to wear the headphones outside, there are still issues about how effectively they mimic the sound and, more crucially, whether you would trust them. Experts continue to mistrust the market's and users' readiness to accept such a product. The Verge described them as "quirky," emphasizing that the presentation was not an April Fool's joke because it took place on March 30th.

The nonsense. The gadgets episode on TV was titled "The Wildest Gadget We've Ever Tested," and according to the CNET technical website, they appear like something out of a dismal sci-fi film.

Nonetheless, we would not dismiss this strange device out of hand. Previous Dyson products have been best sellers in their categories, with record sales; the Dyson Zone headphones may possibly follow in their footsteps.

Selling is expected to begin by the end of 2022. Then we'll hear out.

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