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By far one of the finest sectors for developers to enter in 2022 is blockchain. One of the top-paying tech talents, whether you're beginning from zero or are an experienced developer looking to migrate to the blockchain, is something I've always stated if I had to begin my programming career from scratch. Blockchain technology... 

If I didn't have any technical knowledge, this blog is about how I would start over from scratch and learn blockchain from beginning to end. So that I might, you know, get employment, start my own business, or whatever.

If I had to learn blockchain from scratch again, I would merely expand on my background a little bit. You know, before I started working with blockchain, I was already a developer.

I recognize this. I share this common misconception with you because I once held it myself, but now that I've been through it and have helped others enter this field more quickly, I can tell you that you should resist the urge to learn a tonne of other coding languages before concentrating on developing your blockchain-specific skills. For some reason, they believe that you need to start with other basics and that blockchain is simply too difficult.

While learning about blockchain technology, you might pick up a lot of programming funding ideas. By using that parallel, they believe you must master some other subject in order to understand blockchain. You are not required to do that. You can learn blockchain right now if you want to. I genuinely advise doing that, so how do you go about doing that?

I'd like to add one more point concerning blockchain learning before I continue. This will relate to the second item, which you are already addressing. You'll truly have context for the information you're learning. Every topic you are taught along the route will make much more sense once you have the aim and objective in mind that this will help you study blockchain.

That's exactly what will happen if you try to learn a bunch of programming languages and then go try to learn blockchain-specific skills—you won't see how they connect to the blockchain, just like when you're sitting in a classroom learning a bunch of abstract material and you don't see the reason why you're learning it. However, you'll learn far more quickly if you focus on studying blockchain first, then pick up programming languages for it as you go. It is more productive. So how do you effectively achieve this? You pay attention.

Blockchain technology

Should you first understand Blockchain?

Blockchain technology... The main ability, and in my opinion the best ability to concentrate on, is using the Solidity programming language to create smart contracts. Why? Because you'll discover a programming language that's actually quite beginner-friendly. You can access a variety of blockchain settings, including any chain that is compatible with EVM, any binary smart chain, and Ethereum.

Polygon It doesn't really matter because there are so many of them, and if you only learn to do that, you'll already have the ability to construct smart contracts and work as a smart contract developer, both of which are incredibly lucrative careers.

Now, you could stop there and decide that's all you're going to do, but you can also build other skills on top of that foundation, such as front-end development, which you learn from development in order to communicate with smart contracts, but when you learn to create smart contracts, you also learn how blockchain works and a programming language for blockchain.

Your progress with the second programming language you learned will be much faster than with the frontend application-building language. Likewise for a backend application. Therefore, don't go do that first and study blockchain if your long-term objective is to become a full-stack developer for blockchain. That's the precise approach I've advised many of the individuals you know to take, and if I were to start over today, I would take the same course of action.

The only thing I would change about my programming career trajectory if I had to start over from scratch today, is the fact that solidity hadn't even been invented when I started programming. Although this can't technically be changed, if I had to, that's what I would do differently.

Discover By Doing

Blockchain technology... I want to emphasize the importance of learning by doing. Before I got into the blockchain, I did this for myself when I was teaching myself how to code. I finished. You see, I've done this as I've migrated into blockchain and used every single technological skill I've ever acquired throughout my entire career. I've assisted others in doing it. It simply works. It's quicker and more effective.

What does that imply then? Therefore, learning blockchain truly resembles project-based learning, so as the first step in learning blockchain, you should actually learn blockchain in the context of creating projects. It will put what you're learning into context. How often do you hear individuals ask, "When am I ever going to use this?" as I previously stated? Well, when you're working on projects and learning new ideas along the way, you never ask that question.

What do you know to do that since we're going to learn how to make a cryptocurrency? Because you'll need to learn how to use a command line in order to achieve that goal, you might need to set anything up on your computer in order to create the token. Once you've learned how to do that, though, you can move on to the next step.

Even if you may not be an expert in command lines, you have learned enough to do that work. You may use that knowledge as a foundation to learn other things, which will offer you much more practical knowledge than you would have otherwise. You wouldn't know what the command line was even used for if I simply handed you a book on it and said, "Learn this."

Blockchain technology

Plan in Move Steps

The third important tip is this. This is really a step-by-step plan for putting everything together so that we can, in essence, start with blockchain, which is exactly what I would do if I had to start over. Instead of starting with another programming language, I would choose blockchain and use project-based learning to learn by doing. Exactly that is what I would do. How would you then develop a step-by-step plan that you might use to achieve your objectives, such as landing a high-paying job, and employing both of those principles?

Develop your own project if you want to work for yourself. Whatever it is, I would definitely take this action. I might change this strategy to make it really generic for what works for everyone else. Because I've done this so frequently, I may take a few shortcuts here, but I think everyone can follow this general strategy. Blockchain technology... 

The simplest approach to achieve this is to take a job that you've completed professionally and then genuinely consider what you want to add to it all. You might want to include new features. Take the example of creating a bitcoin exchange. You want to have a fresh user interface or, you know, support a tonne of different cryptocurrencies. Whatever it is, you want to use code to figure out how to make it happen, and then you actually write the code to make it happen without having the solution shown to you. That is how you acquire a skill that is extremely practical. You will encounter obstacles along the way as you go through that process.

How do you become proficient at going on the self-learning route, where you learn how to be resourceful? You search online and review the results. You take a glance at your overflowing stack. You are adept at joining Github debates. You know how to navigate Telegram and Discord groups to discover individuals. You must learn to be inventive in order to find solutions to your challenges, and if you do it now, you'll be much more marketable in the profession and do what other developers already do.

Now that you've completed this stage, you're practically ready to use the finished result as a portfolio to begin looking for jobs. Then, you know, based on what your employer says, they may, you know, hire you, but the best course of action is to apply for as many opportunities as you can. That will let them show what you can truly do.

In that situation, your chances of actually being employed will increase, but you're also in a position where it would be wise to brush up on the foundations of some programming languages.

Finally, You don't want to start with those programming languages because you won't be able to do it when you start from scratch, and the order matters. Blockchain technology... 
Instead, you should concentrate on taking a course that teaches you every aspect of the programming language, like solidity or every aspect of the programming language, in order to develop long-term value in the workplace, and become more of an expert-level developer, or whatever your niche is.

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