How Can You Increase the Sales Per Customer of a Kirana Store with the Help of Technology?


 All retailer wants to see an increase in sales numbers. Since all retailers require for their business is profit, a decline in department store sales can be very upsetting for the retailer. The market is currently seeing fierce rivalry due to the proliferation of department stores.

Thus, having a competitive advantage over other businesses is crucial. This article discusses Kirana retailers' marketing technical tactics for drawing customers in and boosting sales per customer. Additional services provided to consumers in Kirana stores are also included.

You've come to the right site if you're seeking the greatest marketing and advertising tactics for your department shop. You may be wondering as the owner of a department or retail store, but don't be concerned. We'll provide you some cutting-edge marketing ideas in this post to help your Kirana store soar to greater levels.

Kirana Store Technology

Best Extra Services Provided to Customers in Kirana Stores

 As a merchant, you ought to deploy them straight soon and get them set up. It is upsetting for a retailer to observe sales decline in such dire circumstances. Any advice that could help the retailer escape his predicament would be appreciated. The only thing required is a strategy that can boost sales per customer. Are you having the same problems?

For Kirana stores, we have identified the top six marketing technical tactics that should be used to draw customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Improve the efficiency of the facilities used by customers
  2. Guerrilla Marketing
  3. Engage Kirana Store customers in conversation
  4. Advertisements based on location
  5. Provide customers with more services
  6. Promoting the Kirana store through Local PR

1. Improve the Efficiency of the Facilities Used by Customers

 It's not simple to run a Kirana store. It takes management to build up a perfect store for the customers, but it's human nature to make mistakes, and fixing them in Kirana store marketing is a difficult job. So instead of using technology to fix these mistakes, why not?

The following are the two key software components needed to create a Kirana marketing system.

  • To maintain a consistent record of the inventory, Kirana retailers should invest in the technology of a computerized inventory tracker.
  • Receipt Printer: Ditch the paper receipts and go to the latest in computerized receipt printing technology.
The individual in charge can overlook checking the store's inventory during this time-consuming process. Kirana stores should therefore invest in the technology of a digital inventory tracker to maintain a regular record of the inventory. Daily stock updates will be provided via this tracker.

2. Guerrilla Marketing

 Guerrilla marketing is one of the least expensive and most effective advertising strategies for Kirana businesses. It takes promotional activities using unorthodox platforms and methods to develop powerful branding for your store. Learn more information

There are many times when you have to make cuts and can't afford to spend a lot of money on traditional advertising. Guerrilla marketing strategies are effective under these circumstances. Guerrilla marketing can attract customers if it is used effectively and achieves results.

Guerrilla marketing has been used effectively in brand conflicts since the beginning of time. Create a list of all the hotspots nearby your Kirana store and use it as a marketing tool. Then, focus on executing actions in these locations that indirectly promote your Kirana business. Inspiring customers to visit your Kirana store's new attraction can be a clever strategy.

3. Engage Kirana Store Customers in Conversation

 Today's market is customer-oriented. Customers prefer those sellers who can connect with them, making them feel valued. There are plenty of businesses running with the same motive and target. To have a big share of the market, it is important to make the customers feel privileged after visiting the Kirana store. Learn more information
Here are some ways to engage with the customers and make them feel special, apart from offering the additional facilities offered to customers in the Kirana store.

  • Hold competitions and events
  • Consider the customer a member of the team.
  • Increase tailored customer communications
  • Create an emotional bond
These tactics will entice customers to go to a specific store. Customers will be drawn to the department store as a result since, in the end, all they want is to be treated with respect.

4. Advertisement Based on Location

 The retail chain market is highly competitive. Advertising and sales go hand in hand. For the Kirana store to grow sustainably, businesspeople must take the promotional issue extremely seriously.

To lure in clients, you need to have strong advertising capabilities. Regional newspapers are the ideal platform for advertising. Public attention is also drawn to hoardings and banners. One of the most effective marketing plans for department stores is this one.

Kirana Store Technology

5. Provide customers with more services

 In general, every store has a similar selection of goods, but to draw customers into a department store, the retailer must outperform its rivals. He must offer a unique experience or a compelling argument for customers to return to his establishment. This is frequently accomplished by providing consumers with extra amenities at Kirana stores.

Now, many businesses are considering offering their products online while also developing a mobile app to interact with clients. They can improve their service using this technique by offering a delivery system, simple returns, online payments, discount and coupon facilities, etc. To draw in a wide variety of customers, a department store must stay up to date with technology.

Here is a list of standout extra services provided to clients. Kirana store that you might make available to boost sales.

  • Utilizing a personal shopper for consumers outside of peak times.
  • While consumers wait in the billing line, some form of entertainment is provided.
  • Carrying shopping carts for the elderly, pregnant women, and families may be free or subject to a fee.
  • Having enough people on hand to handle consumer requests
  • Opening a playground for children
  • Providing free coupons for discounts from various brands.
  • Creating a quick payment system.
  • The guard manning the door will greet anyone entering and leaving.
  • Maintaining a tidy and clean environment.
  • Displaying an opening greeting as soon as clients enter Kirana stores.
  • Giving out client loyalty discount coupons for their next purchase
  • giving away free tote bags and gifts to children.

The customers will feel more satisfied, and the guard could even help bring in more sales. These are some of the additional facilities offered to customers in Kirana stores.

You should definitely incorporate them all into your strategy if you haven't already. These basic facilities have shown promising results and led to the sustainable growth of a Kirana store. Polishing these services helps to increase the sales per customer in the Kirana store.

6. Promoting the Kirana Store Through Local PR

Public relations tactics are frequently useful for promoting department stores. Effective PR campaigns are crucial to the survival and expansion of numerous department stores throughout the globe. Learn more information

The Kirana store's PR initiatives ought to be grounded in fact. To draw people and generate buzz, the Kirana store should come up with new attractions. Such an attraction can rapidly enhance foot traffic for your Kirana store when properly advertised via PR strategies.

The creation of a baby zone for young children and their mothers, where they may have free playtime, and a fun zone for children are two examples of such attractions. Their students have the opportunity to earn prizes by competing in games, etc. Public relations can now be conducted both online and offline. Both should be used in a Kirana store's ideal PR plan.

Finally, For Kirana stores, these were some technology marketing techniques to increase the sales per customer also. 


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