What New Technology is Idea Launching in Kerala in August?

  God's own country, often known as Kerala, may not always come to mind while thinking about Indian businesses. While Kerala is known for its backwaters, its rich culture, and its natural beauty, it's sometimes simple to forget that some of India's most successful startup founders actually began their journey in Kerala. Instead, we tend to think of places like Mumbai or Delhi NCR or, of course, the silicon valley of India, Bengaluru.

New Technology In Kerala

Kerala Attained Cutting-Edge Technology

In five years, Kerala wants to have over 15,000 startups and 2,000 000 jobs in new technology. Speaking during the third iteration of the Kerala Startup Mission's Huddle Global 2022, CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

The two-day big-ticket meeting drew the participation of global heavyweights from the innovation sector. They made an effort to strengthen relationships and networking. The state's first Fintech Accelerator and Finishing School was also inaugurated by the chief minister. Since 2015, our organizations have raised Rs 3,200 crore in equity funding. Beginning in August, the government will establish a new campus at Thiruvanathapuram to concentrate on cutting-edge technologies.

The launch infrastructure in Kochi's New Technology Zone is in addition to this.

Launching a New Technology Zone is Kerala's Concept

The Kerala Technology Innovation Zone in Kochi will host the state's biggest design, technology, and maker fair. The first day of Kerala Innovation Week will be August 2022. The Kerala Startup Mission and Global Shapers are partners on this project.

To create an innovative ecosystem in Kerala through cooperation. The highlights include product expos, workshops, fireside chats, hackathons, and live entertainment events. The event will also feature pitchfests, investor cafes, mentor workshops, cycle than summits, master courses, and a summit on women's power.

Therefore, we felt it would be a good idea to write about Kerala's top six new technologies today, before all of that growth occurs in the following couple of years, in order to create products and services for Kerala, India, and the rest of the globe.

New Technology In Kerala

1. Nava Design and Innovation

Charles Vijay Varghese established Nava Design and Innovation in 2016. Nava Design and Innovation, a national award-winning agritech business, created the first robot sap collector for tapping coconut sap.

Farmers in Kerala typically have to tap the coconut tree's inflorescence three times every day for three months. This implies that over the course of three months, the growers must climb a coconut 360 times. That is just for one tree's neera, or coconut sap. All of this is done for farmers by the AI-powered robot Nava Sapper, which also saves them time and energy. Farmers just need to climb a tree twice instead of 270 times—once to install the zapper and once to remove it once the job is over.

Furthermore, because they are solar-powered, these robots are environmentally sustainable, scalable, and have no carbon footprint, which is one of the reasons why the startup's investors have invested 39,500 dollars in it to this point.

2. Entri

The upstart from Kochi, this time in the Entech market. Therefore, Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul launched the Boston-based edtech accelerator Learnlaunch, which houses Entri, a local language-based firm. To put it simply, these people spend their entire year studying for government exams. In India, more than 100 million people apply for public employment.

Although most people don't understand them. Entry offers specialized training programs and exam preparation materials to increase their client's chances of landing these positions. In addition to more than 135 different courses in a variety of Indian languages, they provide preparation for 65 government exams.

Entry began with a modest investment of 25 lakh rupees from family and friends; as a result of the epidemic, they witnessed an increase of 100 users and have now raised 4.3 million dollars from investors. Thanks to the virus spreading, investors and also noticed a 100 growth in their user base.

3. Strava Technologies

At this moment in the field of space technology, Strava Technologies, according to Jancy Jose, the business's founder, the startup is actually Kerala's first venture in the field of space technology and the state's first wholly woman-owned private limited company in the IT industry.

It became launched in 2014, and its two primary products are One is Cyber Monkey, a spatial analysis intelligence system that serves as an internal research product for spatial big data analytics. In addition, they offer 3D map solution services to the government in areas like precision agriculture, law enforcement, traffic and transportation, green infrastructure, and urban planning forums.

The second product is the first-ever cyber defense center created by Kerala Strava Cyber Labs in partnership with Checkpoint Software, one of the top security service providers with headquarters in Israel. In addition to these two, they have created network security testing tools and provided private and public sector organizations with cyber audits and cyber investigative services.

New Technology In Kerala

4. Desintox

The following launch is actually going to take us from Kannur to Thrissur, India's gold capital, and we'll find a medical device firm there.

Desintox, created by Don Paul and Sooraj Chandran, is a DIPP-recognized startup that specializes in creating tools for persons with disabilities. DIPP stands for the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. This three-person company sells mobility aids, patient transfer hoists, patient transfer devices with controllers and safety switches, standing, reclining, and electric wheelchairs, as well as the Easy Mover, a gadget designed to help people with a cerebral palsy walk.

The company that created the chair Stephen Hawking used is currently developing an autonomous wheelchair that is thought-activated. Initially, they started as a non-profit with a mere 3 lakh rupees of funding. Eventually, though, they switched to a private limited company structure, and the Kerala Startup Mission also gave them a grant of 10 lakh rupees.

The startup is currently concentrating on the B2B element of its business and is in talks with several hospitals and stores.

5. Genrobotics

Gen Robotics, a robotic firm formed in 2015 by Arun George, Nikhil Np, Rashid Bin Abdullah, and Vimal Govind MK, may be found in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala's IT capital.

Gen Robotics began by creating human exoskeletons because it is one of the top social issue-focused robotics startups in India. Wherever more human strength and protection are needed, these garments can be useful. The Bandicoot, a pneumatic-powered remote-controlled robot that can efficiently clear sewage from manholes, was introduced as their signature robot.

The state and federal governments recognize these robots, which range in price from 15 to 35 lakh rupees each, as the immediate solution to the barbaric, illegal practice of manual scavenging that is still practiced in both rural and urban India today. General Robotics has so far raised 454 thousand dollars from investors in the form of general and seed finance, valued at 5.27 million.

New Technology In Kerala

6. Dr. Jackfruit

Dr. Jackfruit is the name of another startup with roots in Kochi. Therefore, there is a snack that is well known throughout Kerala: chips. They are known as Upper in the local language and include dried banana chips, jackfruit chips, and other varieties of chips. But it is Dr. Jackfruit's domain. They produce and market chips.

You see, banana and jackfruit chips were a small-scale mom-and-pop industry in Kerala before Dr. Jackfruit appeared. It was a mess, but now that the startup has taken over, they've branded and made this snack into a respectable business.

Three new flavors of chips have been introduced by Dr. Jackfruit's Beyond Snack brand: original, peri-peri, and sour cream and parsley. Because they are reasonably priced at 60 rupees per packet while locally produced chips range in price from 50 to 80 rupees, these have been incredibly popular. The $410,000 invested so far by Dr. Jackfruit's investors goes into the startup.

That concludes our list of the top six new technologies for launching systems in Kerala.

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