(ClassDojo) Enables easy communication between School Leaders, Teachers and Families


 With ClassDojo, you can create a class story that's comparable to a Facebook page, send texts, and use a classroom control system all at once. The behavior management system in ClassDojo, in contrast to Remind, lets teachers give or take away points for appropriate or inappropriate behavior.

It was enjoyable. It's been difficult, and virtual teaching has a variety of aspects that you simply can't prepare for before participating in it. Being able to interact with parents, and students, and creating a program for my pupils that gets them enthusiastic have all been things that have truly pushed me as a schoolteacher this year.

ClassDojo enables easy communication

As a result, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a platform that I've been using in my classroom to support all three of those goals: creating a sense of community, fostering relationships with parents, and serving as a virtual incentive scheme. If you haven't heard, the class has been fantastic to use in a virtual environment. 

I use it in a few different ways, but there is a tonne of features in the app that I do not utilize but really should be taking advantage of because they've recently extended their services, and the virtual classroom in particular has so much potential.

Let's clarify:

The children in my demonstration class. But first, let me run through a few of Class Dojo's wonderful features with you. As I already said, Class Dojo has a tonne of capabilities that I don't use, but you could and it would be quite easy. In a moment, I'll show you the Class Story, which is one of my favorite aspects of Class Dojo.

I'm quite excited, as you can tell, so if you can think of any uses for this or if you use Class Dojo.

What sets ClassDojo apart?

Let's have a conversation in the chatroom. This neighborhood has such amazing collaboration. You're amazing. Let's begin. Okay, let's start out by saying how amazing the classroom incentives are. You may rate Beyonce in order to provide feedback. The abilities are editable. As a result, they already have certain predetermined skills here, but you can alter them.

If a kid is part of a specific behavior patterns plan, you can also point out areas where they need to improve. I tend to only use positive reinforcement, but there is hope for the future. Different schools exist. The positivism here is fantastic if you have a pbis school, a behavior modification award school. There are several possibilities here whether you have other needs or anything else.

For Beyonce, you could take a photo of what she did or upload a file, then publish it to her portfolio. For Beyond, I didn't realize you could do this. So, as they accumulate points, say Beyonce was on a test, fantastic job Beyonce, and that little bell sounds every time, educators kind of like sometimes when I'm in the subject during a zoom call or if I was in individual teaching, I'd wink at Denzel like that, and that noise will cause the students to stop and look, and if I'm winking at Denzel, they know who I'm awarding points to, so they can add students,

There are many alternative options, including assigning groups or giving the entire class points. You can even use tables, a numerical system, or a coloring scheme.

When I was in class in person, I always performed color work. I used numbered groups for this round, so I would start with group one. There are many possibilities here, and because you guys receive 10 points for finishing the task on time or however, you have plenty of options. Now let's talk about portfolios.

Just follow along as I go so you may share activities, offer criticism, and take stock of your student's progress. Parents will see the invitation when you post it to their feed. Once downloaded, the app will display everything you add to the class tale as well as anything you add to portfolios. Here is where you may find more details.

You can create an activity here:

As an illustration, I need my students to count to ten. Self-film a video of you counting. You got it. It's in, and I want the class to be given a video assignment for the reaction. Each student will now be in charge of recording themselves. If you work in a private school where you have to memorize bible verses each week, this is fantastic. Simply ask your pupils to record and upload. You could ask your parents to help you.

  • Students then have a private portfolio of their own that only their parents can access, making everything secure. You can then give those as homework. What a cool thing! Or you could photograph one of the things we do.
  • How easy is it for students who need verbal support to use this feature so that they can, for instance, say their spelling words or spell their spelling words aloud? The alternatives in portfolios are countless.
  • We have a monthly reading competition for fourth graders, which we refer to as the Nov. reading challenge. Students can participate by making a YouTube video, for example. They are quite invested in it. I've never seen something so adorable. However, you can ask them to add their images or films to their portfolio, and after that, we'll hold a competition.

ClassDojo enables easy communication

Therefore, choose one and give them class dojo points as an interesting choice. For the week, they receive about 10 points. In fact, we perform it each week. Every week I choose a winner for the reading challenge that we do for the month. It's a lot of fun. That was just a quick rundown of portfolios, okay? But that's just a quick sketch of what portfolios can be used for. Okay, my favorite is the class story. Oh my goodness, well, so class stories resemble a private group's Facebook page. Consequently, if your parent is linked to the app and your student is enrolled in your class,

Parents cannot post on the class narrative, but they can view everything that is posted there. When I was a teacher, this was my favorite aspect, particularly when we were engaging in hands-on science activities. I adore the actual feature here, and when I say real-time, I mean in real-time. They added the future of being able to create and shoot a video, which was a major game changer.

Therefore, if we're chanting a song about science at break time, I film it and upload it to the class dojo at 1102 so that all of the kids in my class can see it in real-time and get a sense of what we're doing in class. It is such a great method to bring parents and students together. Additionally, you may accomplish this remotely by recording your screen and uploading it or by recording on your phone and uploading it. It is incredible.

Additionally, you can add files and photographs, as well as establish events. Visitors can also put links to YouTube videos. I used to type in this section when I was teaching my kindergarten class remotely. Additionally, it will link to events. You may be able to schedule reminders. Yes, and I think the messages tab allows you to schedule messages. As this is a demonstration class, I'm unable to demonstrate, but you should remind everyone every Friday because you know they must bring their show messages can be set to send at a particular time on a particular day.

It will notify the family members as you arrange it, so it's just a brilliant platform to kind of plan ahead and think ahead to the class articles. This was especially useful for special event days, field trips, or if students needed a reminder about something. I became addicted to communications in this place, so you can record a live video in the program. You may include a file. Excellent for newsletters You may upload photographs and videos, type them in here, and link them out, or you can organize an occasion, which is fantastic. 

There is a tonne of awesome features. Also included are upcoming events. That also seems to be something new.

If there is a breakdown or separation, you can pull up the three parents for each student and choose one at a time if there are three families. If the relatives want to see what is happening in the class, you can also send the script to the parents and ask them to invite them. What a fantastic method to foster a community that was.

Grandparents were able to tell me about what happened in my class when they visited or participated in our virtual grandparent's day since so many of them were connected to the class tale. This allowed them to get a sense of the classroom culture. There was a sense that it was truly unique. In addition to these capabilities, you may add co-teachers, so if you have a teacher that enjoys specials, they might visit and do physical education. They also make it incredibly simple to invite families.

ClassDojo enables easy communication

They can be linked to your class as well. If you're a parent, this is a fantastic little reward. Connecting with your parents or grandparents is possible. You might be passing off. This program lets separated or divorced families keep track of everything. It's just fantastic.

For educators who have excellent limits, you may also designate quiet hours. Having trouble with this. You may establish quiet hours to prevent app notifications during specific times of the day. In addition, they offer this cool view feature. This is actually fantastic since there are always going to be students who like and want to respond and people who don't, and it gives you a perfect method to remember who you gave points to and when during the week.

That's really all there is to it, and I'm sure there's something like you can also take attendance here, so that you remain fair and balanced. I believe that's pretty much all I intended to show you in the app. There are more features, and I could discuss them in greater detail. Okay, so there's the toolbox, which is filled with nothing but tools.

So, below are a few methods you can use in addition to setting a timer, randomizing, and choosing.

There is a toolbox with several components. It has a timer. If you want to rapidly group all of your students into groups, click this button, and it will choose a student at random. There is also a noise meter. How great is that, so if it's like calm reading time, you can put this up on the panel and it'll record how loud the group is, sort of alerting you so that you don't have to go you know uh, you can have oh my gracious.

This is a great bonus that allows you to write specific instructions on the board for your students. How amazing is that? Assume pair share offers a variety of options, or you can write your own queries for the class to discuss. You can also share the day's schedule. I also like that there are music options. There is concentrated music and active music. You can also take attendance and choose several students, which is useful if you have, say, three pupils who performed exceptionally well.

ClassDojo enables easy communication

Make suggestions on the task, then select a winner at random. This time, He was rewarded for participating. There is an extremely simple timer right here, and big ideas are another external link with a tonne of different social-emotional learning activities and challenges you can undertake with your children. There is a tonne of information here.

That sums up a class dojo in a nutshell; if you've used it before, please share your experience in the comments section; otherwise, I'll move on to my next screen and conclude. If you use class dojo, have heard of the class dojo, or have ever used class dojo.

Finally, I appreciate how nicely class dojo integrates, whether you're using a hybrid approach of person-to-person instruction or just having a chat. Teachers can communicate with parents in real-time thanks to the classroom community feature. The digital incentive system is the last thing I want to emphasize.

If you found this message useful, please forward it to your principal, your school administrator, or your school district. I just wanted to spotlight the class dojo. Please feel free to share classjojo with your school or district if you believe it would be a useful resource for them.

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