How Online Formative Games Using Quizizz Work

 We'll examine a fantastic tool that I've been using a lot in this post. It is known as It enables you to conduct understanding-testing formative quizzes with your students. This is possible online. These can be completed in class. Not as well-known as Socrative or Kahoot is this tool.

Let's begin by stating that the information you receive back at the end has amazing interactions. If you ask the kids to do one of these tasks online, we recommend using the free application. For the tool, you appear to get a lot. I'm not really sure what you receive, to be honest. I simply keep using it over and over again, and it works perfectly. If you're a teacher trying to have a little fun in the classroom while gauging pupils' comprehension, I highly recommend this device. It can be done for homework as well.

Quizizz learning platform

Now that we're ready to get started,

 There are two ways to find quizzes or make them

Now could then click the "create" option and make our own quiz, adding questions, entering the answers, and using imagery in the responses to questions, or we can explore and look for content that has already been created by other teachers. Let's head to the library and the quiz to try it out. 

I'm going to take the technology quiz, which I've already taken 15 times. Let's use this one, in fact. There are four possible responses to the questions. If I want to, I may add images to the questions or the answers, but none of it is of interest to me.  To start a live quiz by clicking that button. I won't be doing this as coursework, therefore. This is something I'm doing in real-time.

Selecting classic mode now means that all control will rest with the students, and a major benefit of this system is that neither the questions nor the answers will require them to glance at any other screens. As for the settings, if you people involved come down here, I won't set any, just that the responses are displayed.

If you're using the tool for free, you must select unlimited after the activity because limiting the maximum number of times that students can complete an activity requires that they be decided to sign in. The sole other settings that matter, in this case, is that I have the scroll questions and shuffle answers off, and then click on continue. Get a code by clicking the proceed button. All that is left for the pupils to do is click join my and enter that code.

If the students go to, they simply enter the code here and they will immediately be ready and waiting for you to click on the start button for the game to begin. As soon as they do that, their names will start to appear on the screen to let me know that they are ready to start the game.

Quizizz learning platform

Okay, let's engage in some activity now

See how it appears first from the teacher's perspective and then from the student's perspective. You will likely be really astonished if you complete a quiz-based task because of how polished the interface looks.

  • Additionally, the information you receive in return as a teacher is first-rate. Let's get going. Now that I'm on the screen, you can see me. I am prepared to press the start button. Numerous users have already logged in. In actuality, there are currently roughly 13 users logged into this activity. The countdown begins as soon as I press the button.
  • From a teacher's perspective, this is the best part right now. As the students start the quiz, so I can keep track of what they are doing, and then we start. Now that the questions have been asked, we can see that some pupils have begun to respond. Remember, the kids don't need to see the questions. While it differs differently from CarHoots in that all of the statistics are on the student screen, you can see that it is displayed in real-time and allows me to follow and monitor the student's progress.
  • Even though it is much later in the engagement, the students are still participating. I can now see who is at the top, who received the best score, and who is in second place. Now that a few learners have done it, I can even see how many of the questions they correctly answered and how many of them they incorrectly answered. The game can end whenever I want. Occasionally I give them a time limit instead of waiting for each person to finish the exercise.

The activity has a five-minute time limit, however, the children are working independently during that time. As they answer the questions, I am able to observe everything that is taking place. What occurs at the end is another extremely fascinating aspect of this. At the conclusion of the game, you have access to some extremely fascinating facts. I also neglected to mention that you may always click the questions button to check how many times it has been clicked, even during the live event.

Ten pupils currently have it incorrect, while three students have it right. This is a fantastic tool that is helpful even while running a session. At the conclusion of the game, you receive the same feedback. Okay, I sincerely hope you find it to your liking and that it conveys everything a teacher can see.

That's what I want to concentrate on while the students are working on the activity, whether at home or in class. What's also very much value is that when the game is finished, you have access to all of that data so you can review it and go through it at any time because it is instantaneously added to the reporting requirements.

When the participants have finished the exercise

Quizizz learning platform

As soon as the game is over, you can get all this great info about it, including scores for each player, but what I find most fascinating is when I click on the questions and can see accurately what the students got wrong. I can also see exactly which questions they answered correctly. I now have complete clarity regarding my teaching strategy.

Now that I have the option, I can print that out as well, which will be especially helpful for this overview. The review clearly identifies any areas where students could have encountered difficulties, such as questions 9 and 1 in this case. I have some work to do on those inquiries. I enjoy quizzes a lot. I think the technology is fantastic. It strikes me as a fantastic substitute for using Kahoot or Scrounge. I particularly appreciate that the students may complete it entirely on their computers or smartphones. The questions can be seen without their having to turn to another screen.

I've utilized this tool for a while, and I even enjoy the music that is played while the quiz is being taken, therefore I highly suggest you look into quizzes. Today's technologies can be used for nothing.

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