How to use Mentimeter Presentation Software and Professional Network are beneficial.


 Mentimeter is a sophisticated interactive helpful technique but not simple to use. Simply construct a question, then select "present." The audience then enters the presentation code on their smart device and submits their response. The Mentimeter provides objective data that are presented in a way that promotes observation and conversation.

Mentimeter Presentation Software

Now, we're looking at

How to start creating a perfect way for Mentimeter Interactive Presentation

Maybe you've seen Mentimeter in use or perhaps decided on an inquiry as a group of people part. Yet, here, we're studying it according to the moderator's perspective. I'll be giving you a bit-by-bit guide on the most proficient method to kick off your connections.

Mentimeter should be used to get things started.

The central thing to do is to go to Furthermore, you have the choice to one or the other sign in to your ongoing record or make another one by tapping the "Snap Join" button here.

Incidentally, making a record is free and it requires no speculation. At the point when you've made your record, you have the decision to use one of our every set organizations yet I truly need to make a show without any planning taking everything into account.

Utilizing Mentimeter with Powerpoint

Mentimeter also integrates seamlessly with other presenting tools like PowerPoint. You should go to your own account right now and start making presentations there.

Check out the Menti Academy if you want to learn even more about how to use Mentimeter and engage your audience. There is also a link to that underneath. Happy presenting and good luck with your presentations.

How to cast your vote as a spectator

Additionally, your audience can participate by visiting and entering the code that is visible above the presentation.

After that, they can submit their responses, which will immediately appear in your presentation
fantastic Let's add a new slide to our presentation.

Press escape to exit the current view, and then click the new slide once again to return to the edit view.

Slide with Word Cloud

But still the Word Cloud, a timeless tool, will serve as our introduction.

You can use the Word Cloud to ask any open-ended subject, and your audience can respond in free text. Maybe just one entry is appropriate here. This will take you to the presenter view, which is what you'll use when displaying your presentation to your audience, so once you're ready to ask our question, go up here and click "present."

Mentimeter Presentation Software

Data Slides

With the help of our content slides, you can make extensive, gorgeous, and engaging presentations. I'll demonstrate what I mean. Scroll down to our content slides after clicking on the new slide here once more. You can choose to include movies, pictures, and even whole passages of text in your presentation.

Including photos in the selection

Add additional photographs to the available options to give this slide type a little more intrigue. You click on this tiny image symbol right here to get started. You may use an aristocracy image from our Unsplash library or upload one from your PC here.

In this case, however, I might utilize a GIF. Click Save, then do the same for the others. Nice. Should go back to present mode to see what this feels like for the viewers. Search for "yes. We can do this one here if you would like to square it off, but I believe I like the whole idea.

Additionally, as we can see, your audience's phone will allow them to examine both the alternatives and the photos.

And once again, as soon as they are resolved, the solutions will appear instantly. Beyond these interactive inquiry formats, The Mentimeter has a lot more to offer.

Survey Slide

I'll provide a multiple choice option this time. You can pose a question to your audience using the multiple-choice format, and they can respond using predetermined options.

Presenting to an audience

Mentimeter works well for live presentations when you have a screen to display your presentation in front of an audience in the same room, but it also works well for presentations that take place remotely.

Simply press "Present" and make sure your video conferencing program is set to share your screen. Along with being able to vote using the code at the top, your audience will be able to see the presentation in that manner.

Mentimeter Presentation Software

Individualizing the Layout

And then slide the image over to the left. I thus click on Customize here, and then I click on that tiny layout button there, to accomplish that. Perfect, it looks fantastic. I may also decide whether to display all of the bullets simultaneously or one by one.

Now let us revisit it from the perspective of the presenter. So, as you can see, as you move through the bullets, the image and the bullets will both appear on the phones.

A slide featuring a list of bullets

Next, select the bullet list. This one works well, for instance, if you wish to convey an agenda. I may therefore give the presentation's introduction today. And if I want, I can also post a picture here. I'll click the image box this time and upload a picture from my computer. This one has a good appearance. I will select "Save."

Mentimeter for Professionals in Africa

It's so obvious that when the shift occurs from me being a presenter to actually being a facilitator or enabling environment in the space and giving individuals the right to actually say what they think, the complete atmosphere in the room changes. This is how I usually start off every time, usually by providing inputs or thoughts around a specific matter, more or less the participant who is at the focus of attention. And Mentimeter excels at doing just that.

Making sure that no one speaks at any point throughout the conversation. In a very straightforward manner, is a motivator for professional development for every afro-swede that exists. We host a number of events. These events, of course, have a core focus on a topic for discussion, but after that, we typically keep it light and stick to the objective of attempting to understand the people who are in that space in a very human way.

Mentimeter Presentation Software

Participate in the main working group that is advancing this organization. We have preparatory areas where we talk about what the real material is meant to be before any of these events.

We write it down in a Mentimeter, and by using the Mentimeter, we place a lot of emphasis on actually presenting, but at the same time, we also provide spaces where people can ask pertinent questions and contribute their ideas or opinions. That is why I am aware of Mentimeter's effects firsthand. It's fantastic that you are sitting here and listening to me discuss Mentimeter in this interview.

Imagine picture yourself in a room full of people, and every single one of them wants to be heard. Everyone's voice is projected so that everyone can see that "Yes, your opinion matters. Your opinions matter. We will continue to do that because, as a business or as a network, there's no one else that we deem more effective than the voice.

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