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 "For contemporary corporate legal teams, Brightflag offers Intelligent Enterprise Legal Management. For legal teams wishing to reduce legal cost, handle cases more quickly, engage with their finance team, and collaborate with outside counsel, our artificial intelligence platform offers matter management, e-billing, invoice review, reporting, and analytics.

Brightflag Technology

How Artificial Intelligence Works

You've read the news stories and heard the hoopla about how artificial intelligence will change the way legal departments operate, but if you're still unsure of what that might mean for your team, you're not the only one. We are here to clarify what makes Brightflag's AI unique and how legal departments are already utilising it to their advantage. In two areas of artificial intelligence, Brightflag specialises.

Supervised machine learning and natural language processing The first focuses on training computer programmes to recognise and understand human language. The second focuses on educating software to develop over time more precise and complex interpretations. Additionally, by merging the two, we created a technology that examines legal invoices quickly and intelligently. 

Our software uses natural language processing to begin since it can read line-item narratives and identify significant phrases. The translation of the language into legal tasks and actions comes next, and this is the stage when machine learning truly shines.

Throughout 2014, Brightflag has been improving a unique machine learning model that instructs our software to categorise invoice content automatically. As professional supervisors, our internal legal team also reviews cases when the software is unsure of its accuracy. and provide constructive criticism that enables our model to become smarter every day Brightflag is revealing brand-new layers of knowledge to help guide choices at every level of the legal case lifecycle by swiftly and accurately summarising the whole story of each invoice. 

And by doing so, legal agencies will finally have full visibility. Get rid of the boring work manage financial results and find strategic insights Start utilising AI for your benefit by contacting Brightflag right away!

Brightflag Technology

How to use the BrightFlag electronic billing system.

Two of our clients are currently using the vendor, who is a very new provider. The landing page will always display the most recent information once you have signed in. Our navigation bar is on the left, where you can view a list of matters and a list of invoices. It's not obvious which client's information you should be looking at, but you must click on "accounts receivable" in the top right corner.

Here is a list of the clients. This is FIS, often spelled Reliance Company. When you click on this and then on the customer drop-down menu, the second client peak six appears. You switch between various clients in this way. You choose your client, then click OK. The page will update now, so return to your navigation bar and look at the issues there.

Peak Six addresses these two problems. When you go to your matters, that is the matter for reliance, which is fis, if you go back to your accounts receivable drop down and switch the client to fis. Additionally, you'll observe that the company name appears in the upper left corner, but the customer name cannot be seen unless you are looking at the problems or the bills.

In order to submit an invoice for the top 6 client under accounts receivable, I must first make sure I am in the right client record. I'm going to click on bills in the notification center on the left and then select to upload a pdf. Since the client's bright flag hasn't been set up with the e-billing system yet, we are uploading a file.

We'll double-click the file to open it, and when the pdf file is attached, this is what it looks like. However, there is still information that needs to be entered, so choose the matter, choose Floor Invoice, respond to their question by selecting Hourly Fees, which is almost always the case, and fill out all of the required fields in pink.

Verify that you've entered all the right information after the pink line has disappeared from the form, then click submit once again. Once you have finished uploading the invoice and sending it to the client, the page should appear like this. As you can see, the status column is marked as "pending." You can now finish with the hard copy of the invoice present to you because that is a good sign. Keep the bill in a file and keep it there until it is paid, being sure to note the date you sent it. Just keep in mind to check on it again after about a month. After it has been paid, throw the bill away.

Recruitment firm Brightflag

From the east coast to the west coast, from the south to the east, we have worked with more than 200 clients since we first opened our doors in 2018.

Therefore, at Bright Flag Recruiting, we are your turnkey solution for hiring PND drivers for FedEx and Amazon's final mile. We will also work with you to create your adverts and post them on multiple job board websites to help you locate the finest candidates for your business's needs and positions.

Brightflag Technology

Knowledge from Data

1. Legal Billing Automation

If you're a legal professional working in-house, I'm sure you'd love to get rid of the duty of reviewing invoices from your list of things to accomplish.

You cannot, however, responsibly get rid of it, in actuality. Delegation is something you can surely do, and perhaps you've already considered working with alternative legal service providers who can ease some of the strain of invoice review for you. If you're really serious about efficiency, though, automate is the verb you should be considering.

You can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend reviewing invoices by assigning software to evaluate them against your budgets and billing policies before they arrive at your desk. You can also set the software to automatically transmit the clean invoice to finance with a single click in circumstances where that initial screening turns up no infractions.

Consider what Brightflag was able to accomplish for one of our international insurance customers last year if you're thinking that the technology seems too theoretical or that your business is simply too sophisticated. More than 50 of their legal invoices were being appropriately examined and scheduled for automated approval within six months of implementing their programme. And if you want to see the method they employ to ensure that our technology has the greatest possible impact.

2. How to Foresee Budget Overruns

Knowledge of statistical information A few weeks ago, we reported that, by the time a situation is resolved, 28% of budgeted cases actually wind up costing more than they originally planned.

According to this year's data, there is a tendency for overspending to cluster between 10% and 15%. This suggests that if you establish a budget for a matter at $100,000, the actual spending will be between 110 and 115 thousand dollars around a fourth of the time. As a result, there is a very real chance of overrun, and that is what we have discovered after dealing with numerous clients and in-house legal teams.

Naturally, you want to know where you are going to finish up after an issue has begun. Will you stay within your budget? Will you stay within your budget? or could go over budget, which happens in roughly 25% of cases. Because of this, Bright Flag recently created and just released our entirely new AI-powered forecasting and budgeting feature.

How Competitive Start Fund from Enterprise Ireland Aided Brightflag

Finally, The CSF fund basically enabled us to introduce the first iterations of the product to our customers, which enabled us to generate the initial revenues, which enabled us to position ourselves in a position to go ahead and raise much larger venture capital funds, which then enabled us to scale to a much larger size, leading us to where we are today.

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