Irresponsible of MSNBC to permit comedy on Boebert entering OnlyFans


 What does it imply if Lauren Bobert, the second-most popular Q Anon Congress participant in Mega, leaves? What if she is defeated? Also, given that I don't really believe she is still alive, what job will she have? The Shooters, in my opinion, no longer exist. Ooh, the humor! Well, I suppose it might be a game for just fans. Certainly, everyone laughed. Lauren Bober, a congresswoman from Colorado, is one of the left's most despised figures. She's not quite Thomas Jefferson in terms of intelligence or demeanor, as most sane people can agree, but she is a member of Congress.

Boebert entering Onlyfans

She certainly is at the moment. It is difficult to predict whether she will be re-elected, and the odds are not favorable. Joy reads. Joy, let's listen to Kurt Bardella's suggestion for Bob's future job from the Democratic Party again. According to a recent claim made by a Democratic strategist and MSNBC contributor, Only Fans is a softcore adult entertainment website where users subscribe and pay a monthly fee for access to the pages of particular artists and explicit images or videos.

The two women—not just any two women—loved it when a US lawmaker turned a pornstar. Joy Reed, a purported advocate for strong women, and Claire McCaskill, a former senator and well-known feminist who joined the #MeToo movement a few years ago, remember the days when women stood up for and supported one another? Can you imagine how former Democrats would react if those rules only seemed to apply to them?

If a Republican strategist here ever advised a female congresswoman or any other woman to join only fans, he or she would be fired and forbidden from speaking on our air again. Frankly, if anyone advised a woman who had lost her job to sign up for a softcore video site, that suggestion would be tarnished.

By applying the regulations fairly, we can only continue to be credible and earn your trust. On cable news at 7 o'clock Eastern, fairness is unfortunately rare. We're pleased you can identify it. Every night, we put a lot of effort into being trustworthy and fair. Find News Nation on your TV provider by visiting

Critical Reality Check from Lauren Boebert

It's easy to understand why Lauren Bobert went silent for a solid day after tweeting that the "Red Wave" has started and honoring Congresswoman Anna Paulina on winning America First. But just before we started operating, she finally took the lead, and you can see — not just for her but for all Republicans. Lauren Bobert began the day of the midterm elections really excited about the prospects.

There are only a few more percentage points to be calculated, and it is still conceivable for her advantage to increase or for it to be reversed. There is currently more room for this to happen than there was for her to gain the lead earlier. It is very close, reminding us that every vote counts and keeping in mind that she might only be ahead by a little more than 400 right now, but still, it is tight.

Encounters reality during a surprisingly close midterm election race

The majority of people did not anticipate this election to be close; yet, I did not anticipate Adam Frisch to win by less than one point. What do you think, Adrian, regarding the likelihood that she will fail? That would be like Christmas coming early, but you know, I think it's a very real possibility, and I think a lot of us seriously underestimated how much her voters may care.

The point is, Marjorie Taylor Green is not good for Congress or the United States, so it's interesting that it seems like she can get away with a lot that she can't. This may be due to location.

In any case, it appears that a recount will most likely take place in Colorado, though it is not guaranteed. According to state law, a recount must take place if the difference between the highest number of votes cast in a particular election and the next highest number of votes cast is less than or equal to 0.5 percent of the highest vote cast. I was waiting all night, thinking, "Can they not just count like 10 votes?" I know everyone is refreshing it. This was tweeted out even by Lauren Bober, who in my opinion is not very adept on social media.

She eventually spoke up at this point. Come on, take action, she said. Hey, it's actually pretty good; most of her Twitter behavior is just the worst, so I dig that. But yes, we are all interested in knowing what will happen. There will very probably be a recount, though maybe we'll find out by the end of today.

Adam Frisch is warning his fans not to get ahead of themselves and that we need everyone to vote in order to make sure that your participation has been tallied. You can text CO to the Department of State at 28683 to correct any inaccuracies if you've gotten a ballot notification email from your county clerk. Just follow the on-screen instructions to do so. This could come down to just a few votes, but your nonpromotional has the knowledge you'll need. Normally, this kind of information wouldn't matter in elections.

Therefore, if you reside in that region and this affects you, you should definitely get in touch with people. I also hope that some ballots are still being processed, especially those that are on their way, but I really hope that the GOP isn't interacting in the antics that we know they are, as we saw when they claimed to have caused significant voter and election fraud.

We'll have to wait and see what happens, but so far, there haven't been many significant allegations of election fraud. That's not to say that there haven't been some; Trump has made strong charges of fraud in Nevada and Arizona, for example, but overall, I'm not hearing a lot of it, which would be positive.


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