The Future of Human Civilization (2022 — 3200 AD)


 In terms of civilization, a turning point has been achieved. We were only hunter-gatherers a few thousand years ago. trying to stay alive and avoid being extinct. We have now built a completely virtual version of the world. many of the world's issues and launched people into space.

Our exponential growth raises a perplexing question for us. What's the next step for us? Do we find ourselves colonizing other universes as we race through them? Or will things only get worse for us here on Earth over the next few decades?

This article will examine the subject and examine what might occur if time traveled forward hundreds of years.

Human Modern Civilization

The varying degrees of civilization

A civilization's energy requirements will quickly rise as it expands and develops. primarily as a result of its expanding population and the energy demands of its many pieces of machinery. The Kardashev scale was created as a means of gauging a civilization's technical development with this in mind.

The scale is determined by the amount of available, usable energy. A Russian astrophysicist named Nikolai Kardashev created it in its initial form in 1964. It was then used to scan cosmic signals for indications of extraterrestrial life. Then, with the addition of a level for energy disposal, Carl Sagan further subdivided this classification.

  • 10–16 watts of energy, type 1 civilization
  • With 1026, Type 2
  • Along with type 3's 1036.

In a similar vein, Carl Sagan developed an equation to forecast when Earthly civilization would reach a particular class.
Based on a 4% annual growth rate, it is anticipated that this year's students will pass Class 1. Roughly once every 119 years. The following years will see the completion of Class 2 and Class 3. In the next part of the video, we'll sit in our hypothetical time machine and go forward a few centuries into the future.

Human Modern Civilization

Future-looking time lapse

The complete human brain will have been successfully mapped in around two decades by researchers working on the Human Brain Project. It reaches the synapses and axonal connections itself.

This accomplishment will be quite significant. Specifically, by solving the puzzles of the most complicated and enigmatic part of the human body. New technological and medical specialties emerge. People can now implant an exocortex four decades later.

A system that allows the human brain to communicate with a brain implant. a combination of artificial intelligence and biological intelligence. The ability to connect to the internet inside one's brain is now very simple for people with cognitive abilities and neural processing abilities that are significantly greater than those of a typical person. gaining access to the internet's whole body of knowledge.

Now the planet belongs to the real benevolent and altruistic race of humans. Elon Musk even stated that people must become cyborgs if they are to remain relevant in the future, just when you think it sounds too much like science fiction. especially in a world where AI rules.

Cyborg brain technology has greatly accelerated research in just one and a half decades since that time. in particular, the field of nanotechnology. We'll create nanobots or nanites. They can be administered intravenously to provide real-time readings of the human body. Additionally, they can lengthen telomeres and guard against free radical damage to the extent that we can nearly turn back the hands of time.

The average lifespan of a person is 200 years or more. I want to take you back to our current timeline in 2022 when I was creating the script for this film, as we fast-forward through the various future timelines. You see, before I can create a new video script, I have to understand the main concepts of the subject at hand. That would entail reading numerous pertinent articles and books. Finding the time to read them all can be challenging at times.

Human Modern Civilization

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The year 2111

According to the equation that was previously displayed, humanity will have advanced to Type 1 civilization by this point. We shall be able to harness all of the energy from the planet and command all forces of nature. We'll be able to influence earthquakes, the weather, and even volcanic eruptions. Some of you may even be aware of recent news reports on the use of artificial intelligence to identify earthquakes.

From detection to management. Even if it might be a drawn-out process, humanity has one and a half millennia to complete it. Around this time, nanites are utilized to upload human consciousness into computers. This suggests that computers may one day be able to sustain human life. We no longer need physical bodies. In quantum computers, awareness would continue to exist as 

The quantum machines now contain the full consciousness. Maybe this is how technological singularity will be attained. No matter what happens to the cosmos, in the end, our physical bodies won't be constrained. This might be a method to bring the time scales of the universe closer to those of us who live on Earth.

Human Modern Civilization

The year 2800

It is anticipated that by this point, mankind will have advanced to Type II civilization. That would include not only using but also managing our sun's energy. The Dyson sphere is the most well-liked approach. It would cover the whole surface of the sun, capturing the majority of its energy and transporting it to our planet for use at a later time. Nothing now understood by science could destroy a civilization of type 2.

Imagine that a moon-sized object approaches our solar system and heads straight for our planet. We have the capacity to fully vaporize it out of existence as a type 2 civilization. Therefore, we would possess sufficient available energy to basically render our civilization invincible to extinction. returning to the domain of consciousness and notes.

At this point, nanites are able to create artificial bodies into which our minds can once more be downloaded. That would undoubtedly imply that people are suddenly immortal. With no need to maintain a failing physical body, we can now begin expanding into other galaxies and star systems. Our awareness may be easily transmitted across interstellar space in the form of a data signal to tiny starships. Consciousness is encoded in the databases of sail ships.

The entire concept sounds like a workable answer to the problem of endless inner-galactic space travel. In this movie, we finally reach the final stage of our timeline: type 3 civilization. At this point, we would be galactic explorers who understood everything about energy. Aside from that, we would have created self-replicating robot colonies. As they disperse around the cosmos, their population may reach millions. helping us achieve our goal of colonizing the stars one at a time.

But doing so would have certain issues because it would stretch over the galaxies. The physics laws would impose limitations on the species. especially, light-speed travel Unless, of course, we create a warp drive. A further topic worth contemplating will be covered in a subsequent episode. Just keep an eye out for that.

Human Modern Civilization


It's critical to create a realistic model of futuristic thought despite all the potential alternate eras for our technological advancement. Because of the anxiety we all feel about the future, the epidemic has brought us together more than anything else. Now that we are aware of it, we may take immediate action to alter humanity's course in all spheres of existence. protecting the world from additional upheavals.

The future of science will determine whether humanity survives or thrives, as theoretical physicist Michio Kaku put it. Will we continue to be civilizations of type 0? Alternatively, shall we progress and reach the stars? Time will tell, only time.

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