Look At This Massive Sasquatch Camping Trailer


Adventure camper trailer made by Sasquatch.

It sounds like Sasquatch Expedition Campers has created a high-quality off-road trailer that is designed for rugged outdoor use. The Highland 60, in particular, is described as a compact, durable trailer that is equipped with a variety of amenities, such as a queen-size bed, kitchen with stove, refrigerator, sink, and an outdoor shower. The company's focus on off-road capabilities and comfortable living spaces suggests that it is catering to a specific market of outdoor enthusiasts who value both adventure and convenience.

Sasquatch Expedition Campers is a local startup from Silverton, Colorado. Silverton is a small mountain town located in the San Juan Mountains, known for its rich mining history and its current status as a base camp for outdoor enthusiasts. The town sits at a high elevation of over 9,000 feet and is surrounded by steep, rugged mountain peaks, making it a popular destination for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. The company's location in Silverton is significant because it allows them to test their off-road trailer in challenging and diverse terrain, as well as to tap into a local market of outdoor enthusiasts.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 trailer is designed to be a compact and durable option for off-road camping and exploration. It is inspired by the rugged surroundings of Silverton, and specifically designed to serve as a cozy and functional base camp for outdoor enthusiasts. The trailer's dimensions, 16.3 feet long and 6.8 feet high, are not particularly small, but its flat-roofed, rectangular shape and cargo box-like flanks give it a more utilitarian appearance, more like a cargo trailer with a tent on top, rather than a traditional teardrop trailer. 

This design allows it to be more versatile and adaptable to different terrains and usage scenarios.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 has plenty of storage capacity, including space on the sides, top, rear, and front.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 trailer may have a more utilitarian appearance, but it is designed to be a live-in trailer for camping and exploration. The side door on the trailer makes it clear that it is intended for this purpose. The interior width of 60 inches is designed to provide a comfortable living space for two people. 

The trailer features a queen-size, 75-inch long memory foam mattress, allowing campers to sleep comfortably after a day of exploring the wilderness. The mattress dimensions and the width of the trailer interior allow for adequate space for the users to move around, toss and turn comfortably during their sleep.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 trailer is also equipped with a 6,500-BTU Propex heater to keep the cabin warm when the temperature outside drops. The insulation in the walls, roof, and floor of the trailer helps to hold in the heat, making it more comfortable to use in colder weather. The cabin is made from durable, water-resistant paneling that is derived from sustainable materials, such as rice husks. This ensures that the trailer is not only functional and comfortable but also environmentally friendly.

The Highland 60's dual side entry doors make it simple for both campers to enter and exit.

Sasquatch Expedition Campers has thoughtfully designed the Highland 60 to provide a high level of comfort for campers. The rear kitchen design includes a triple-burner Furrion gas stove and a low-set counter area inside the rear door, this provides ample space to prepare meals. The 62-liter Iceco dual-zone fridge which mounts on a door shelf, rather than a slide-out below the counter, allows for even more space for cooking. An optional secondary worktop drops down from the swing-out spare tire carrier, providing additional space for food preparation. The refrigerator can also be easily removed from the shelf to open up even more workspace, making it easy to prepare meals while on the go.

The Highland 60 Pro and Pro-X trailers come with the Iceco refrigerator as standard equipment.

The kitchen in the Highland 60 trailer is well-equipped with a variety of amenities to make cooking and meal preparation comfortable and convenient. In addition to the triple-burner stove and refrigerator, it also includes a sink with hot and cold water, overhead storage cabinets, LED lighting, and 110-V, 12-V, and USB outlets. A 200-Ah gel or lithium Renogy battery powers the DC outlets directly and a 1,000-W Renogy inverter is used to power the AC outlet. A battery monitor is included as standard and a 200-W solar charging system is available as an optional feature. The trailer also has a 136-liter fresh water tank that supplies the hot/cold outdoor shower. This makes it easy for the users to stay clean and refreshed while on the go.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 trailer is built to journey into remote and rugged locations, beyond the boundaries of the city. The company uses powder-coated aluminum square tubing to construct the chassis, which is a departure from the more traditional use of steel. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the aluminum tubing and the components of the independent coil-over suspension system, which are built in-house. This is intended to ease any doubts about the trailer's ability to handle rough terrain.

The suspension system includes thick Fox coil-overs, which provide 5 inches of cushion to the BFG all-terrain tire-sheathed 17-inch steel wheels, making the trailer more comfortable and stable on bumpy roads.

Two solar panels and a camping table can fit within the Squatch Box.

Sasquatch Expedition Campers understands that modern adventurers need a lot of gear and equipment when they're out exploring, and the Highland 60 trailer is designed to accommodate that need. The trailer comes with 70 cubic feet of total storage space, which is distributed throughout various interior cabinets and exterior cargo boxes. Additionally, it comes with a standard roof rack with five T-track crossbars for carrying gear that doesn't fit into the storage compartments. 

The angled expedition racks running along the upper sides are designed to carry recovery equipment and Rotopax canisters. An optional "Squatch Box" that sits between the roof and crossbars is also available, which is sized to hold a custom folding camping table and two standalone solar panels. This provides ample storage and carrying options for the users.

Sasquatch Expedition Campers was founded in 2021 and in the following year they established themselves and launched two models of camping trailers, the Highland 60 and the Smuggler. The Highland 60 is the flagship model of the fleet, starting at a base price of $47,000 for the Trail model, and rising to $50,950 for the mid-level Pro model and $54,950 for the Pro-X model. 

These prices are considered high for a camping trailer, but not outside the range of what is typical for overland trailers.

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